Nancy Drew - The Phantom of Venice

Nancy Drew - The Phantom of Venice 18.0

Developed by Her Interactive, Inc.
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Her Interactive, Inc.

This is the eighteenth delivery in the adventures of the young Nancy Drew, based on the same title book and developed and published by Her Interactive, this is a game of adventure and mystery where you will play the role of a young detective and you will have to solve an intriguing mystery in Italy.
In this game you will have to help the juvenile detective Nancy Drew. She travels to Italy to help the police to catch a dangerous disguised thief, who seems impossible to be captured.
You will receive the call of the Italian police to solve a series of treasure robberies. This thefts were carried out in the middle of the night and robbers left no tracks. They call themselves as the Commedia Dell'Arte.
Among the tasks to fulfil, you will have to infiltrate the crime syndicate in order to find out who Il Dottore is.
In your way to solve this mystery you will meet various suspects, just to name a few: Colin Baxter: an art restorer; La Contessa Margherita Fauberg: a very wealthy widow, who inherited a large amount of money; Antonio Fango: the prime suspect as he installed a security system where the robbery took place; and so on.

The soundtrack is pleasant, though it is so understated that you will barely notice it.
The graphics section includes the new character modelling introduced in the last adventure game series, which is especially well done.

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